Invisible Ultraviolet Crayons
For use with Invisible UV Chalks

For years, many chalk artists have searched for invisible UV crayons that were used by the early masters of black light to outline and highlight their hidden chalk art pictures. Two very essential colors are now available. Each color is completely invisible in natural light and glows under a black light. Each set includes two invisible UV crayons: one 7 INCH invisible yellow-white, and 1 yellow-green for $15.00 per set.

Take your invisible black light drawings to the next level...
  • Highlight your invisible pictures with fine lines for a professional look. 
  • Save hours of production time on last minute invisible picture detailing. 
  • Create durable hidden picture layouts with won't rub off when rolled up.
  • Outline projected images for quick, accurate, detailed, fine-art layouts. 
  • Get about a years worth of drawing out of just one set of UV crayons.


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UV Crayon 2 Color Set $15.00

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