Serenity Scapes

These have been inspired by the several travels at different seasons of the year. We experienced the serenity that seems to rest upon the vistas, no matter what time of the year it is giving a sense of solace and quiet that is so needed in all our busy lives. It is my purpose in creating these Serenity Scapes to allow you experience the same sense of quiet and peace during your day. These do not specifically depict any certain location, but capture the essence of the very presence of the scenery elements taken from a unique combination of imagination and my own photographs.

A variety of Serenity Scapes come in standard size hand retouched, matted in white or cream color, and sent packaged inside a plastic sleeve. Price range depends on amount of detail and size. Samples can be viewed below and contact us at for more designs. Allow 6 weeks to process the order. Shipping and Handling vary with size and distance postal rates. Frames not included. Custom creation commissions accepted. Please consider purchases or donations as this mission goes to community work.

Wilderness SerenityScape Pastel

Wilderness SerenityScape Pastel

Tuscany Retreat Pastel

Tuscany Retreat Pastel SerenityScape

Tuscan Retreat - Acrylic Painting

Tuscan Retreat – Acrylic Painting SerenityScape

Western Influence

Western Influence SerenityScape – Acrylic Painting


Day’s Sunset Reflection SerenityScape

Still a Ways to Go

Still a Ways to Go SerenityScape – Acrylic Painting

Autumn Afternoon

Autumn Afternoon SerenityScape

SerenityScape 11

Walk by Faith SerenityScape – Acrylic Painting

SerenityScape 10

Come to the Garden SerenityScape

SerenityScape 8

Provence Lavendar Field SerenityScape

SerenityScape 5

Mountain Waterfall SerenityScape

SerenityScape 4

Mountain Waterfall 2 SerenityScape

SerenityScape 3

Napa Valley SerenityScape

SerenityScape 2

Valley Vista SerenityScape

New Scan MG2 Landscape1 w- frame

Mountain Flower Vista SerenityScape – Acrylic Painting