Frequently Asked Questions

Questions Frequently Asked about Chalk Art and Hidden Pictures

1. This sounds interesting, but what do you do exactly?
After I set-up, I create a realistic scene with music completely in about 20 minutes. Then, the house lights must be lowered and an invisible blacklight picture is illuminated that I have done ahead of time.

2. What do you mean “invisible blacklight picture”?
There is a special set of lights, called blacklights that are in the lightbox. When they are turned on, a picture I have done with special chalks, that are white in natural light, shows up in brilliant color.

3. How do you determine the theme/subject of the invisible picture?
By communicating with the leader of the event. Usually the theme of the event determines the choice of designs.

4. How long does it take you to set up and then do the presentation?
We arrive at least an hour before the presentation to set-up and make sure everything is technically supported.

5. Can you do a workshop?
Yes, and that is extra . Teachers are amazed I can keep 400 students on task the entire time of the presentation, and even with adults, no one wants to leave at the end of the workshop.

6. What ages does this target?
All ages!

7. Can you have a mixed generation group?

8. Does it matter how much talent one has to take the workshop?
Not in the least, this is not based on talent, but a desire to learn and have fun. For example, I can show everyone how to make a tree, in seconds!

9. Why do you claim that this is so inspirational and/or therapeutic?
There is now documentation in the last 10 or so years, that using art with music is soothing and boosts the immune system! I myself was very ill when I began learning this and the more I did it, the healthier and happier I got!

10. What kind of music do you use?
I use all kinds of instrumental music and try to make it age appropriate.

11. I never heard of thus type of medium, how long has it been around?
Live chalk-art, I am told, has been around over 60 yrs.

12. I have heard of this, but mostly in churches, is this only religious?
No, I think it began in the churches, now there are hundreds of chalk-artists going into schools and hospitals etc.

(and visa versa: Can you go in churches?)
Yes, I have been there many times with this and it is truly a wondeful experience for all.

13. What is your fee?
My fees are based on the size and budget of the organization. I try to work with their budget, but do have a basic required amount.

14. What does that include, or not include?
That fee is the presentation fee only. If local, that includes travel time. If out of town, that does not include the expense of lodging and getting there.

15. Do you have references we can contact, and/or letters of recommendation?
Yes, I have credible references and letters.

16. How do we schedule a presentation – what is the lead time?
You may use the contact information on the website, mail, email or phone. I do need about two weeks notice.

17. Can we observe a presentation ahead of time?
I do regular presentations each month and with permission of the other organization, you may attend.