UV Crayons

UV Crayons

Change colors and glow under blacklight

Dear fellow chalk-artists,

I have been using the invisible yellow-white, and yellow-green for some time now and have found them to be essential for the pre-drawing when doing the outlines for the blacklight picture before using the chalk. It really cuts down on mistakes.

They are totally invisible in natural light…and you can also highlight with fine lines after the drawing is done. Its amazing what a difference they make.

Cost is $15 per set of 2 plus 15% for shipping and handling.

Each set includes one 7 inch stick of yellow-white, and one stick of yellow-green (regular size).

To order your set, click here.

Or just let me know how many sets you may want! One set would probably last a year.

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Or mobile: 407-927-3527

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Keep drawing others to Him,

Glori Kohlmann