UV Hidden Chalk Art

In the later 90’s, I attended a chalk-art conference that changed my life. It was there I learned to use the talent and knowledge I gained over a lifetime to reach out into the community in a pro-active way. The “shoe fit” so to speak and I began taking this unique tool into hospitals, schools, seminars, conference settings and anywhere there was a need for this type of visual art performance.

As you may have read on the events page, these renditions are done live with music in front of an audience. The “visible’ picture is done in about twenty minutes and then the “invisible” picture, which was done ahead of time, becomes visible only when the black lights are illuminated. This is a very dramatic medium, especially when the picture subjects are designed for the theme of the event.

On each of these pages you will have a choice of viewing the Biblical or Inspirational themed black light art – or both. If you would like to help schedule an event and receive further information, please contact us as noted on this page.

Each of the following pictures is actually two pictures in one. Hover over the pictures to see the dramatic transformation that is revealed by viewing the pictures under ultraviolet black light.

Bountiful Blessinngs

See Invisible imagery by placing cursor over (any) image on this page

Christmas Nativity

Energy in Nature

Land of the Free

Christ Child Landscape

The Cross

Jesus Walking on the Water

Run for High Call